Collection: Alice Meteignier

プレス:『Le 1』、『New York Times』、『Télérama』、『Zeit』...
出版物:『Max et Marcel』(MeMo, 2016)、『Mister Papillon』(MeMo, 2018)、『Mode Manifeste』, Magali Moulinet-Govoroff著(La Martinière, 2020)、『Avec Mona』, Didier Lévy著(Sarbacane, 2021)
コミッションワーク:Hermès, Le Centre Pompidou, Mailchimp, Badoit etc.
展覧会:2022. Sep 29 – Oct 4 : ''Asphalte Parade'', Le Tzara, Paris, France
2021. June 26 - August 31 : ''Pas d’une semelle'', French Theory, Paris, France

Alice Meteignier Studied illustration at the Strasbourg School of Decorative Arts in Eastern France and now lives in Paris.
 She works extensively in newspapers and magazines, illustrations, picture books and corporate advertising. She won a special prize in the newcomer category at the Bologna International Picture Book Fair.
 She is also actively involved in the creation of more abstract, original artworks.
Press:''Le 1'', ''New York Times'', ''Télérama'', ''Zeit''...
Publishing: ''Max et Marcel''(MeMo, 2016), ''Mister Papillon''(MeMo, 2018), ''Mode Manifeste'', Magali Moulinet-Govoroff著(La Martinière, 2020),''Avec Mona'', Didier Lévy著(Sarbacane, 2021)
Commission work:Hermès, Le Centre Pompidou, Mailchimp, Badoit etc.
Exhibition :2022 : Asphalte Parade, September 29 to October 4, Le Tzara, Paris, France
2021: Pas d’une semelle, June 26 to August 31, French Theory, Paris, France