Frame & Printing

For the framing of Limited Print, a simple wooden frame was chosen. It is not painted, allowing the texture and grain of the natural wood to shine through. The frames are made of acrylic panels with 97% UV protection.

Material : natural solid wood
Frame width : 13 mm
Frame height : 22 mm.
Frame outer dimensions : For A2 size (440 * 614mm), for A3 size (317 * 440mm)
Surface : UV-cut acrylic (2mm thick)
Comes with a cord for wall-hanging.

<Inkjet printing>
The rich colours and textures are expressed using 12-colour water-based pigment inks on a high-definition, large-format printer. The paper is a soft, matt-textured art paper.

RISOGRAPH is a high-speed digital printing machine for stencil printing, the same as silk-screen printing, whereby a plate is made for each colour, wound around an internal printing drum and printed through the paper. This results in a unique blurring and unevenness depending on the ink density and paper combination, as well as random plate deviations, giving the finish of each sheet a hand-printed flavour.