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Marie Caillou

Marie Caillou “Cirque, acrobatie.”

Marie Caillou “Cirque, acrobatie.”

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“Cirque, acrobatie.”

「Grr Circus」は、アクロバティックなおもちゃのサーカス。 ゴムブーツを履いた獣たちが、グラフィカルな芸を披露する。
The Grr Circus is a circus of acrobatic toys. The beasts in rubber boots perform graphic tricks.



A3 / Inkjet Print
Sheet:W297 * H420 mm
Frame:W317 * H440 * D22 mm
Includes certificate with limited number and artist signature.

Marie Caillou マリー・カイユ


After studying art deco in Strasbourg, she studied cartooning and digital graphics in Brussels in 1995; after returning to France in 1997, she worked in press and advertising. She currently lives in Marseille.

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